Low quality granites and how to avoid them

The ability to distinct low quality granites from high quality ones is really crucial if you plan to make granite countertops San Francisco installation in your house, especially if this is your first time doing anything like that. There are certain factors, which can tell you if your granite slab is of high or low quality, and you should definitely avoid low quality granites, especially if you want to have granite countertops Hayward installation that will serve you for years and remain in the quality and condition similar to the one it had in the very beginning. Low quality granites are not entirely useless, they can be used to create smaller installations or commercial installations, but they should be also sold for much lower price than high quality granite countertops Berkeley. Also if you look for durable countertops San Jose you should never overlook the quality factor, as only the finest first rate granites will remain in the same condition after years of usage.

- Look for fissures and other flaws

Defects on the granite surface are clear indications that the granite is of lower quality. To avoid this common problem the most reliable granite providers always allow their clients to choose granite slabs personally during their visit in retail points or showrooms. Marble City Company's policy is to always receive granite slab acceptance from a client prior to any fabrication and countertops or vanity top installation.

- Is the color consistent on the entire slab?

Color and pattern inconsistency are very clear signs of low quality granite countertops Union City. As it was described in the previous paragraph, the consistency of color and pattern can be and should be tested by every customer individually. If you cannot find any granite provider, who allows such procedure, contact Marble City Company experts.

- Watch out for doctored granite

Unreliable granite retailers can be often caught on selling doctored granites. It means that a mixture of special sealants, oils and other products was used to make the color of granite countertops Fremont look more intensive and dark. The main problem is that this beautiful dark shade is gone after few months and you are left with low quality granite countertop, outside BBQ or vanity countertop installation. To avoid such mistakes always order services of highly recommended providers, such as Marble City Company.

- Judge the installation by the cut

Well maid installations from the highest quality granites are characterized by smooth edges and joints, together with a very precise fit. Before you order services of granite countertops Bay Area providers first evaluate the quality of their other works, for example commercial works or installations in your friends' or family's houses. Or go to Marble City Company and ask where you could see their completed projects. Companies such as Marble City usually have years of experience in granite installation business and a catalogue of completed projects for customers to see.