An Unmatched Combination of Carpet Cleaning Machines and Green Chemicals

A nice carpet can perk up the appeal of your room. But, as carpet fibers are highly absorbent, they quickly accumulate dust, dirt, oil, and stains. The traditional technique of vacuuming is effective only for removing particles on the surface. Constant scrubbing with harsh brushes can actually do more harm than good to your carpets because delicate fibers can be damaged by excess water and rigorous brushing. Fortunately, it is now possible to maintain your carpets in pristine condition thanks to the new range of carpet cleaning machines and green chemicals available from leading suppliers.

Powerful Carpet Extractors

To tackle a wide range of cleaning applications in different settings, the best carpet cleaning machines from reputable distributors are solidly built with top-grade housing materials and heavy-duty components. In addition to a robust construction, these carpet extractors also feature advanced cleaning functions so you can achieve professional results without the cost.

Heated versions of carpet cleaning machines are especially effective in providing superior cleaning results. Moisture at extremely high temperatures helps dissolve all kinds of stains, dirt, and grime from your carpeted surfaces. This easy elimination of stains caused by blood, tea, wine, chocolate, crayons, or lipstick avoids the need for scrubbing, thereby preventing possible damage to carpet fibers. In spite of this aggressive cleaning action on dirt particles, you must remember that these carpet shampooers are very gentle on your carpet fibers.

When you try cleaning carpets by washing them down with your garden hose or by using traditional carpet cleaning machines, you may have noticed that the carpets get extremely wet and need up to 24 hours to dry out well. Compare that with the drying period of two to six hours offered by the new generation of low flow carpet shampooers and you'll achieve better results, faster. By cutting down the volume of water used for cleaning, these low flow carpet cleaners help your carpets to dry faster and thus reduce the risk of mold development and foul odors as well.

Boost the Action with Green Chemicals

To get the most from your rug shampooer, always pre-spray the carpets with green chemicals formulated for carpet cleaning. The fast-acting formulation of green chemicals helps soften dirt particles and stains instantly. You can later use the extraction function of commercial carpet cleaners to extract all the dissolved deposits. In addition to removing dirt deposits, green chemicals also prevent reattachment of dirt particles so carpets remain cleaner for longer.

When traditional carpet cleaners fail to clean off food particles and other organic matter, such as pet discharge, trapped between carpet fibers, it can lead to offensive odors. Using a green deodorizing chemical along with the rug shampooer will help destroy the source of organic matter and remove the odors. When used through carpet cleaning equipment, plant-based green chemicals attack only the dirt particles without damaging carpet fibers. Due to the nontoxic and biodegradable nature of these green chemicals, they are widely used along with commercial carpet cleaners in hospitals, restaurants, schools, malls, and retail stores.

The next time you reach out for your carpet cleaning equipment, remind yourself to use carpet cleaning machines along with green chemicals for maximum effect.