Different granite quality categories and how to recognize them

Granite is one of the most popular precious building materials and is available in different types, which differ in color, texture, pattern and most of all in quality. Before purchasing any granite slab for kitchen or bathroom vanity top installation it is good to know what makes particular granite a unique and high quality material.

Usually granites are divided into three different categories: first choice granites, commercial use and second quality granites. First choice granite Sunnyvale is the supreme quality material, which has no visible defects, such as cracks, pits, fissures etc. Polishing of first choice granites is also extraordinary high gloss, which makes the granite slab look really chic and the surface is smooth enough to be used as a building material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Where can you buy first choice granite Hayward? Go to Marble City Company Marble San Jose - leading company in California, which specializes in retailing the highest quality precious stones, including first choice granites.

The price of finest first choice granite is considerably higher and it is easy to understand, since the slabs are in perfect condition and can be used for big installations with minimum wastage. However, if you want to save some money and you do not need to incorporate entire slab into your granite installation commercial quality slabs are excellent alternative. Commercial use granites are also supreme quality materials, which however have subtle imperfections, such as small natural cracks, blotches, mild discolorations etc. These defects are visible only on very small percentage of the whole slab, so it can be still used for average size installations, the only difference is that the slab has to be custom cut to remove the parts, which have some signs of damage. Marble City Company Granite Countertops Belmont presents a wide collection of commercial quality granites, which are stunning, but less pricey than first choice granites. Since Marble City Company Granite Countertops Burlingame is an expert in cutting and installing granite fittings it is not a problem to custom cut the slab in a way that eliminates all of the imperfections. For that reason commercial granites are currently our most popular products among clients, who look for quality, but also for the best available price.

Finally, second quality granites are the stones of the lowest quality, with many visible defects, which however still have all of the typical features of granite stones, such as durability, density etc. They are recommended as parts of big installations, where the look is less important and what counts most is the price (second quality granites are sold for the lowest price available for granite stones). Another option for those, who want to save some money on granites is to use granite remnants for the purpose of creating small scale installations. Visit Marble City Company website to learn more about the possible options for saving money and buying granite stones for less.