Techniques For Home-Based-Business Owners To Gain Hundreds Of Clients and Make Thousands of Dollars

The reason that you started your home-based-business was to earn money, not to waste it on websites and infomercials that gouge your wallet. The most successful business owners know that the most effective way to drive traffic to their business is by getting in front of as many prospective clients as possible.

Placing coroplast yard signs at a busy intersection will gain the attention on average of 20,000 vehicles each day. In market research it was shown that the most effective signs have no more than 5 words, one phone number and a single clear graphic that represents the product being offered. Double sided signs double the visibility. That means that by purchasing 100 inexpensive, professional looking yard signs and placing them in high traffic areas can expose your product to over 2 million customers each day! Magnetic signs on your vehicle work in the same way and in most cases allow your car or a portion of the mileage to be written off on your taxes as a business expense. For the greatest visibility add a magnetic sign to the back of your car as well as each door. The addition of a rear facing magnetic sign allows more time for clients to read about your product and put your number in their phone for future use. It is impossible to resist reading the back of a vehicle while driving or sitting idle at a traffic light.

As new customers are gained you may consider changing the text on your signs and magnets to reflect the next stage of your business plan which is to enroll new sales representatives to work for you. Let's face it, there is only one of you and hundreds upon hundreds of clients to service. This is a great time to either hold an event to reach many interested customers at once, such as a party or by inviting folks to a lecture in a community house or library to sell to many at once instead of meeting with clients on a one-to-one basis. Here you can again use coroplast yard signs with the venue, date and phone number to RSVP. Additionally placing signage such as a banner stand or print on foamcore with an easel at the venue for up to a month before hand will increase awareness and interest.

When the number of client's you can reasonably reach is too great it is time to bring sales representatives on board your business. Again, reach prospective employees using the same tools laid out in this article to recruit new members to your sales team.