Soldier Technology Equipment

Soldier's equipments are main tactical weapons that protect the country as well as soldier from danger enemies. That's why government allows latest technological weapons to soldier from time to time, so that soldiers can fight with these enemies and save the life of civilians of their countries. For these soldier protection and soldier system improvement, soldier technology conference exhibit in which various nations are get together for introducing the new equipments for future soldier and get knowledge of new soldier systems. In such conferences, military departments like program manager, team leader, chief scientist, R&D program manager, requirement manager and the chief system engineers are involved. From contractors and suppliers, head of soldier, VP defense program, future product manager, government sub contractors are present in the exhibition.

As the feedback of defense department and industry which works on the future soldier programmes, there are some of the interactive vendors who show the equipment and army system for future defense:

• Radio for communication and connectivity
• Optical system
• Weapons/ armor

Radio Communication

UK provides new communications for soldiers by offering latest networking benefits; exchange the information with legal system and have alertness at individual or in group level. Various decision makers like defense system executive, UK Mod, soldier equipment and support all the requirements are discussed.

Defense wants large visibility for communications technology from different types of providers and increase in emergency to run the corporation of new modern technologies by taking directly from vendors.

Strategic International Defense Programmes

• How greater visibility, communications and navigation to future soldier would be delivered by warrior.
• Through explanation of capabilities and architecture of industry NORMAN's system, anyone can stand against futuristic communication system.
• How latest phones can be integrated in soldier systems, these latest technology connects the soldier to digital technology by getting information and new lessons from US defense project.
• Announce new feedback through operational tester of latest variant of joint radio system to get insight within how software explains communications help ground military.

Optical System
Soldier technology managers and other nations are making the defense technology for source vendors in optics. This is latest success to find what they think and display how they can assist.

Highlights for Optics

• FELIN achieves from world advanced optics technology to enhance the conditional alertness for future soldier.
• As discussed, what would be the future generation of weapon technology to increase the situational alertness and decrease detection for future soldiers?
• How UK planning help to give affordable, impressive situational alertness system to secure and authorize the soldier.
• How the warrior would provide large visibility, communications power and navigation to future soldiers.
• US defense projects to increase defense capabilities to find and look threats in operational atmosphere.


During the last 10 years, UK have planned to spend above 600 million for latest tactical weapons for the future soldiers to give them lighter, accurate little arm to increase their power.

Highlights for Weapons/Arms

• Latest needs for Norway's Gun upgrade the programme to equipment for soldier by power at less weight.
• While operations, how latest weapons would decrease noise and provide shooter more cover and decrease hearing wastage.
• Approach of NATO to enhancing exchange information in weapon and arm system to increase power.
• With latest accessories, can analyze UK approach for increasing capabilities of little arms.
• For finding threats and decrease the life loss, assess the existing and easy handle of non power weapon accessories.