iCore Reliability Keeps Businesses Operating at Maximum Productivity

iCore's unique Voice over Private Internet (VoPI) solution drastically improves upon the concept of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by facilitating internet calls and data transfer through a private datacenter that is equipped with dedicated servers and high-speed server-to-server connections. The extensive iCore server network makes the amount of bandwidth available to every client virtually unlimited, ensuring that call quality and connectivity are always optimal.
Large companies may have no trouble finding a telecommunications partner. For small to medium sized businesses, the options have been much more limited. In fact, many small to medium sized businesses are paying enormously high prices and getting very little value in return. At iCore Networks, we have set out to change all of that.

At iCore Networks, we believe that small to medium sized businesses should have the same excellent service available to large companies. With our Voice over Private Internet (VoPI) solution, clients pay just one fee for both Internet and phone service. That phone service is remarkably clean and crisp, without call drops and crackles that plague many other systems. And iCore reliability remains unsurpassed. Since the VoPI system is removed from the public Internet system, it's resistant to tampering and hacking. iCore's typical customer installation includes enhanced disaster prevention and recovery system consisting of a primary private circuit connected to one of the two geographically redundant and technologically mirrored Network Access Centers (NACs), with a managed backup circuit hosted by an additional NAC; both of which are equipped with primary and backup data servers. The upgraded hardware, advanced software and true geographic data center redundancy enables iCore to prepare its customers for the worst by making a detailed disaster recovery plan available to every customer.

iCore reliability can even compete with the trusted PBX telephone systems, offering all of the same features at almost half the cost. Unlike PBX systems, an iCore network can be expanded easily without the need to purchase expensive equipment. Clients can order multiple IP phones that can be conveniently used anywhere.

The ability to participate in audio and video conferences, make free long distance calls, and access voicemail through the phone or PC, are notable iCore features than can increase corporate productivity. The iCore Web portal provides a computer-based control interface that lets you control network IP phone settings, including call routing, conference scheduling, and contact list/speed dial management.

iCore clients can even set access restrictions and website filters for their entire company network to ensure that employees can only access appropriate web pages. The iCore Call Jump feature makes it possible to quickly "jump" a call from an IP phone to a designated cell phone.

The dedication to 99.999% iCore reliability is upheld by a combination of trusted Cisco hardware and innovative security features like DSL backups (provides connectivity redundancy to avoid downtime during equipment or line failures), network monitoring, and professional technical support centered in the U.S.