Qingdao international electronics exhibition

July 7-July 10, 2011 China between nations consumer electronics fair (SINOCES) in Qingdao international convention center held a grand. The allowance "linkage, raise the future world dense mass " as the theme, by the service of commerce, industry and the instrumentality agency of information, ministry of science and technology and shandong function people's government held together. Comprehensive hoar electricity giant galanz; nearly of its innovative products by the asia-pacific region at a express scale is biggest, the most expanded influence the consumer electronics industry professional exposition, showed the Chinese "comprehensive leading" entirely white electric aircraft carrier of yi yi diction.

Expo, home appliance giant glanze ~ means of huge exhibition scale and unique design method attracted many buyers and professional auditory. Glanze 110 square meters of booth is novel and unique compelling, microwave ovens, installation cooker, electric cooker, electric kettle, kitchen relating to ~ity equipment and air conditioning, the refrigerator, dryer, dishwashers etc avail model electrical appliances product of the embedded real appropriate fashion life zone, reveal the of great scope matching white electricity glanze strong growth manufacturing strength.

Glanze exhibits of pleasure products, from level 1 "leader" course of energy efficiency of microwave oven, take the multimedia multi-exercise microwave oven TFT display screen, casing, volatile, fission to air conditioning, the performance team huge; Electric meal bao, inference cooker, electric oven, electric kettle, human life eagerness to the small home appliance work on the scientific and technological strength, especially glanze has sprout the shoots of rice value derived when king pot, and the cosmos's first opened up the microwave oven, get to be UOVO round this exhibition "sucked double notice". Super products, without exception, reveal the between nations force brand glanze make world surmount white electric enterprise of determination and boldness.

Many buyers from home and abroad call upon the exhibition hall of glanze prodigious, after expressed, glanze products series, the deceitfulness, high quality, competitive price, and compensating one-stop purchasing demand. A more advanced electrical appliances industry observers say, inflated manufacture, r&d, sales, and spacious service comprehensive big leading brands of persistence chain for glanze won the layout other market right and comprehensive profitability.

It is reported, for 33 years in practical development and aggregation, glanze has successfully completed 35 a thousand thousand microwave oven, 6.5 million sets of aeriform fluid conditioning, 25 million sets of puny home appliance, 4 million, 3 a thousand thousand sets of washing machine refrigerator 1.5 the masses sets, and the production capacity of the dishwasher, in the sedulousness layout a handful of have the pure electric products specialized research and exhibition, the scale of the complete manufacturing and marketing, office network layout ability of enterprise.

Galanz; co-operator President and news spokesman when accepting a reporter to interview, and relying on the said marketing regularity and market system reconstruction, obtained the appropriate contest need glanze, is more advantageous to the effort; labors and commerce win-win profit example and development mechanism, with manufacturing, professional examination and development for the premise, elect be marketing organization according to the life appendages (microwave oven, small home appliance, chest defends electrical home appliances () and weather conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwasher) two major industry system integration, strengthen cooperation, improve the organizational efficiency breach rupture, for brand marketing and brand mart active pursuit of organization foundation laid.

2010 SINOCES planning extreme-level BBS more than 30 games labor, and will be CES depth cooperation invited Microsoft, Intel and other assiduousness giants of the speech, creating a global leaders of consumer electronic confine thought positions. At the same time SINOCES command energetically invite relevant government department's lead to interpret China's policy, be transformed into a global consumer electronic enterprise to China's pertaining policy of the best "the window".

According to knowledge of facts, in order to strengthen the "global sharing" stigma glanze technology aim, in during this pension, glanze also through the sina micro bo platform special launched the astounding "attention forward get hao li" glanze prize forwarding activities. Net loved through the attention glanze sina officer involved in forwarding, namely the bo be in actual possession of a chance to win $2498 character of microwave cooking stove UOVO "shrewd" or value of RMB 3688 yuan "shoot forth" award. King pot