Ricoh acquisition BinDe

Japan ricoh form into ~s (R) and the ICO H valley company (H O Y A) has used by all announced that an agreement has been reached by both parties, the valley of its takeover ricoh BinDe PEN (TA X) trope systems business. It is reported, the acquisition of the similitude BinDe ricoh system business, specific contain digital camera, lenses, accessories, security cameras, binoculars and other optical products disclosure, production and sales.

With this acquisition, ricoh's digital imaging, and just the entire consumer products business bequeath be enhanced. Especially for lightweight be able to change lens camera technology, the camera technology and digital imaging products sales channels, and into the middling format digital camera image products, shelter and so on the new mart, the future is expected to enlarge and digital imaging relevant additional business.

To complete the acquisition, the dale company will set up A reinvigorated company, inc., and its BinDe form an ~ of operations, as well as overseas subsidiaries PEN T A X V N C o.L td fissure to the company name, then the group could be again all the shares to participation over to the ricoh. Officials decide, the acquisition is expected to last this year October 1. And in the acquisition is without fault, the valley of the company subsequent to will continue to operate the existing BinDe corporation for the rest of the profession, including digital camera module, D V D with lens, endoscopic and misbalanced artificial bone, address synthesis technology, the core for curative device products. By then, ricoh's digital camera and the dell of its products will be the used by all use endoscopic BinDe brand.

The bo pawn crisis really come! Domestic micro bo users merited experienced a hacker tricks events, global micro bo ancestor of fox news on Twitter score recently hackers official hijacked, and bastinadoing a series of "President Obama murder of" false news on the tissue, cause strong reaction.

According to the 360 guard experts, hacking Twitter account such being of the kind which the main way of micro bo against "XSS loophole attack." Popular said, the invidious hackers first links through the reviews, and casually to attack the target, once the second nature other click on the links to trigger loopholes, and hackers be possible to like account of the same being of the cl~s who the master any operation, even the malignant links to friends, make mass figure of users, men of geometric firm amplification.

"Little bo security to the Internet defence vendors out a new topic." 360 ease experts say, in order to have existence able to fully, actively prevent micro bo place on the hacker attacks, 360 defence guards issued recently by "micro bo defend, can automatically detect and interpret the practice of" XSS loophole "against malicious links, screen user account is not hackers fraud, this also is domestic first professional micro bo over-confidence products, at present, such as tencent uphold sina micro bo website and everyone nets, auspicious nets etc social networking site. (xiangyang)

As the bo power of impelling a gradual increase in the Po users hackers ride full tilt against will also has become increasingly unremitting, especially professional institutions, network celebrities, judgment leaders and large Numbers of fans micro bo rehearsal, have a bit inadvertent may in a imperfect time is influenced. Experts predict that the "360 micro bo guards are in a fair way to become hit a patch, shapely up the same security software criterion plugin function by imitation of the endeavors, safety and follow up."