Book Per Head and why Costa Rica

Book by Head is a company that was born besides than a decade ago as a shoot forward for a selected group of bookmakers and gaming experts, and it quickly grew into which it is now: one of the major and most reputable pph services providers confused there.

Our offices are located in Costa Rica, a abiding habitation from where we can operate in the same proportion that a fully licensed offshore establishment, that is quite convenient for bookies, to the degree that their clients will be able to establish in office their wagering action without any legal hassles while also allowing the performer to count with more free time.

We decided to establish our company on this Central American rough because we were aware of the truth that Costarricans are very fond of North American culture and also because most young clan are quite proficient at speaking English at a natural level, which allows them to exist quite empathetic and professional when it comes to be on the phone with a bettor.

Our clerks are too bilingual, meaning that when a bookie that has clients whom pronounce either Spanish or Chinese for pattern, allows us to run their effect, such customers will always be directed to the specialized lettered man.

Another reason why we decided that Costa Rica was the not crooked place to be was the admirable telecommunications infrastructure available in the land, which makes it easy for us to furnish supplies a fluent and reliable service.

Working from Costa Rica furthermore allows us to operate with in a ~ condition overhead costs, meaning that such savings is the intellect why we can offer our services as far as concerns affordable weekly prices, and, since we be aware of that bookmakers are looking to proceed as much profits as possible on the outside of expending large sums of cash, we desire created special service packs from a inter~ of internet, phone, bookie software and lodge in order to offer each performer the one that suits his duty the best.

As you can meet with, to operate from this modern home has a lot of advantages, both for us and for our clients, taken in the character of we are able to offer our customers a meridian service which is reliable and professional nevertheless affordable, and since we work by a "satisfaction guaranteed" policy, we are constantly been praised in opposition to the high quality of our solutions, and this certainly allows us to abide to grow on a constant lowest part and remain amongst the biggest names in the pph sedulousness.