Reusable Bags Is What We Want? Neither Plastic Nor Paper Bags

At the grocery store, we'll have multiple options to choose. Not only in the products, but also we have choices when it's about choosing a carry bag. The clerk at the grocery store asks us whether we want a plastic bag or a paper bag. And in answer to this, we must start saying, neither of it. Instead, ask for reusable bags. Yes, say NO to both, plastic as well as paper bags. Go with the reusable shopping bags that bag manufacturers all across the planet are manufacturing nowadays. Neither plastic nor paper bag is good for the environment. Only reusable bags are good as they can be reused multiple times.

All types' bags are polluting the environment. Plastic bags kill our water and land species. Mistakenly, sea creatures eat the floating plastic packing, which results into their death. And if these packing are get buried in landfill, it takes them thousands of years to break down. Even after breaking down, its particles contaminate soil and water. Further, land animals ingest these particles and die. Thus, plastic pickings' are highly detrimental for the existing animal species and must not be produced and used.

However, these paper packing are also not environment friendly. Millions of trees are killed to manufacture these types of bags, which has lead to deforestation now. So, what is the option we've? To be true, the reusable bag is what we must look forward to and use. Even, we must recommend these reusable bags to our friends, family, near and dear ones.

In the present scenario, reusable bags are preferred by the intelligent shoppers. These are premium quality carry bags that are environment friendly and can be used myriad times to carry the stuff. Therefore, there is no need to discard these bags after a single use. Usually, the bag manufacturers use materials like woven synthetic fiber, jute, sturdier plastic and canvas to manufacture such amazing reusable bags. And nowadays, these incredible bags are available at almost all the departmental stores, grocery stores, shopping stores and malls. Earlier, people came together to boycott plastic bags. And now, it's time to join hands to create a buzz about these reusable shopping bags that are intended to meet our requirements, and even support the environment.

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