Overview: Doing Business on eBay - Part 3

Another manner to shop on eBay

I ended PART 2, explaining in what state to buy cheap digital items in adjust to increase your feedback score. In addition to buying cheap digital items, you should too buy regular household items -- local abundance items -- that you do intend to application. When buying such household items, you stingily always find these same items a great deal of cheaper on eBay. You can in like manner buy non-perishable foods and other grocery items. This not and nothing else saves time and gas, but you are shopping online, from the revive of your home. More importantly, you be disposed be increasing your feedback scores, and gaining besides knowledge about eBay.

Another way to work~ is by purchasing products on one more eBay site. As opposed to buying put ~ an online auction, these products are bought from the "Buy It Now" eBay seat. When using this option, you buy your items now, and you dress in't have to wait for the order to end, and the winner to exist announced. At "Buy It Now", you cause your purchases, as listed, on the eBay location, with a fixed price. "Buy It Now" has options as far as concerns both buyers and sellers.

How complete you pay for your purchase?

You should pay ~ the sake of your purchase immediately -- whether you force by online auction, or from "Buy It Now". Click attached the "Pay Now" button that's located in successi~ the same page as your chosen particular. There are more sophisticated ways to pay, further whichever option you choose, you decree always be lead to the "Checkout" boy-servant . Once the transaction is completed, the vender will send you a paid acknowledgement of payment/invoice.

Leaving Feedback for a Transaction

After you be under the necessity received your product, you should oversee it to confirm that it is the sort product, in the same condition during the time that you ordered. ( If there is a moot point with your product, eBay has a built-in, breaking up page.) After your transaction is completed, you need to leave feedback for the seller (hopefully, positive); if your account has without more recently been registered, eBay will prohibit you from leaving feedback for five days. As before long as possible, provide your feedback, for this will help the seller to be augmented his feedback scores. When you're sharp to leave feedback, go to the "Feedback Forum", and clack on the button that says "Leave Feedback". For every seller that you transact with, you should allowance feedback; you should start receiving feedback from the vender, as well. Your own feedback set down will increase by one point, every time you receive positive feedback from a different seller. Rinse and repeat. Keep offer and buying products on eBay until your feedback score reaches 10. Stay tuned conducive to Part 4.