What Is The Value Of One Really Good Idea?

Obviously it depends without ceasing the idea. But I will accord. you one good example. And it is wrapped up in a fiction. You can judge for yourself which it, or something very much like it, could have existence worth to you and your occupation.

Several years ago I had a traffic relationship with one of the superlatively good known marketing strategists in the terraqueous globe. We had been working on a part for some considerable period of time, then a dramatic change in the outer environment convinced us that we needed a path correction. He was then in the middle of producing a several day seminar/workshop with a view to a selected number of his pursuit owner clients.

This was something that he usually did formerly or twice each year, although he had not been quite as diligent in the previous 18 months. And attendees from his retainer list were self selecting based in successi~ their willingness to pay between $5,000 and $20,000 on this account that events lasting from two days to five days.

He insisted that I listen as his guest. Each day began in a great degree early, and meals were included, likewise everyone was a breakfast. In deed the hotel hosting the event on condition a special dining room for the only use of seminar attendees. Determined to employment my time as productively as feasible, I made a point of sitting with different people for each repast. The mealtime conversations were interesting and vast ranging.

About half the mealtime conversation focused on lessons learned so more distant from the excellent presenters, and from other seminar participants. With precise emphasis on whether and how a odd concept would apply to the businesses owned through the various attendees. The rest of the time was worn out on the normal conversation that forms lot of most meals, where several folks are seated together.

I found it total quite fascinating. During this time it was untroubled to ask people whether this was their primeval of such events, or whether they were recite attendees. What seemed to me hereafter to be an amazing number had attended in addition than one such event previously. Sort of make again offenders. It was also both fascinating and instructive to learn the sort of each attendee had learned to that headland, And how he planned to lay upon it to his own business relating to his return.

The numbers of distinct industries represented was surprisingly large. And not wonderful in a gathering like this, in that place were types of businesses that I didn't on a level know existed. So I made a lively turn of thought of determining the business that one and the other of my table mates was involved in.

One individually enthusiastic fellow revealed that he was seeking a just discovered business opportunity. He believed that life with this group would provide him by some new ideas on what he force do. He was a repeat attendee, and expressed almost unqualified enthusiasm for previous events.

Seeking to divest of covering the nature of the qualification he placed put ~ his enthusiasm, I pursued the subject energetically. It seemed that the etymon of his slight hesitation resulted from the act that he got too many ideas, more willingly than too few. So he didn't certainly feel shortchanged or cheated. The actuality that there was a repetitive world of matter and of mind to some of the content in reaped ground event didn't seem to vex him. Rather than subject himself to a single one more of my questioning, he opted to rehearse me his story.

He had newly sold his business. As he was preparing his duty for sale, something that took him more considerable time, he attended one of these events. He beyond all question to implement one of the ideas that he took home through him, in order to increase the rate of the business. The idea implemented increased income and profit, and made the walk of life easier to operate. Making it appeal to a wider audience.

He regular that implementing this single concept added athwart $600,000 to the value of his pursuit. When I observed that an extra $600,000 paid for a haphazard of these kinds of events he agreed. Then I finally learned what had slightly dampened his religious frenzy. Apparently he had actually identified three actionable concepts on this account that his business at the event in point. But only implemented one of them. He could never stop wondering how much more his profession could have sold for had he implemented totality three.

I don't know whether his glass was moiety full or half empty. But I consider never before had first hand actual trial with someone so able to correctly take for identical what a single good idea was worth to him. All he had to practise was implement it.

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