Illawarra Business Success Story - ?EURoeLiving her Dream?EUR

It somehow seemed appropriate that on a exquisite Thursday morning in late July 2011, I should meeting Andrea Hope, a lady who is in good earnest "living her dream." After many years of consecration to the Australian Public Sector, Andrea unequivocal to semi retire in 2010 to follow her passion….art.
Over the accomplished 5 to 10 years Andrea has developed a chief appreciation, or should that be liking, of art. She has visited galleries from first to last the UK, France and Italy edifice an impressive collection of French and Italian ~ifice works. Although she has a main love of the French and Italian works, Andrea likewise has a particular interest in Australian present art stretching back to the 1920s and earlier.
Andrea is a woman of rank who has had a very attractive and varied life. She has certainly packed greater amount of into her working life than the medial sum person. Growing up in Cootamundra NSW, Andrea moved to Canberra while she was first married. After having 2 children and studying, she took in c~tinuance an HR role in the Public Sector commencing in the Bureau of Statistics. Using her space in Professional Writing, she trained truncheon in Business Writing, moved into Supervision and Management breeding and then worked more broadly from one side of to the other other areas of Organisational Development.
From there, Andrea worked for the Health Insurance Commission from the mid 1980s until 2000. Amongst other things she introduced competency based drill for all customer service staff during the time that it was still a new universal, introduced the first staff survey, and a acting management system for all 5,000 partisan.
In 2001, Andrea changed careers on account of a short period. She had started framing pictures taken of the kindred property in Cootamundra and the affectionate regard of this ability to be creative led her to tackle a picture framing business in Nowra. However, she sold the profession when she realized that it was not earning sufficiency for her and returned to Canberra to take adhering Consultancy work with the Australian Quarantine Service. She implemented a Performance Management System in 6 weeks and soon afterward was offered another project in the operational surface of AQIS.
Andrea then moved into the role of Deputy Director of Australian National University where she had the opportunity to procure broad exposure to art through the College of Arts, and to protect a number of art appreciation programs. During this time she in addition worked for the Deputy Vice Chancellor in the area of higher education. She then moved to the Australian Customs Service during the time that the National Staffing Manager, before deciding to touch into a cultural organization (the National Library) being of the kind which she had by then decided to extended a gallery when the opportunity arose. It was a pleasing way to end her career in the Public Sector, she declared.
Surprisingly, Andrea also found time to rouse two sons, complete tertiary studies in Professional Writing, Human Resources, Counseling, business Management and Museum Studies. She has moreover recently completed an Art Appreciation Course end the Museum of Modern Art in New York (in c~tinuance line) and spent lots of time peregrination overseas where her passion for deceit was nurtured. She told me that she is too still enjoying mentoring managers in the of the whole not private sector in Canberra.
In November 2010, rear spending months visiting towns throughout the NSW South Coast, Andrea decided on Kiama as the ideal seat to open her Gallery. She is excessively impressed with the local artists, more of whom are multi award winners, and their gentry of work. The positioning is exalted for her as she has parents and children in Canberra and Sydney. Since persuading to Kiama, Andrea has also joined the committee of the Kiama Art Society.
Many of Andrea's French and Italian accumulation, as well as some outstanding limited works, can be viewed and purchased from her art ~ in Terralong Street Kiama at actual affordable prices. She will also compose your artworks, photos, lithographs and prints. Andrea has a intelligible understanding of how framing supports artworks and she besides conducts Art Appreciation Classes.
This was a marvellous and rewarding interview. Andrea is a wonderfully charming person with a genuine interest in creation of beauty and people. I know little in an opposite direction art but I really enjoyed looking round the gallery and Andrea's commentary. Drop in and saw hello when you get the piece of luck. You will really enjoy the continued.