INTERNET CHEAP and stead~ is everyone's dream. For jombang quarter, flexi CDMA is an option with respect to internet was fun, inexpensive, the despatch is 153 kbps. But, Flexi at a past period slow and also dashed. We may think no more of the provider / service provider of some other name "FREN", since joining the Smart, the epithet "FREN" often go unheard. This is precisely the opportunity pal who likes surfing, Fren covenant opportunities internet pretty quickly and cheaply. With circulating medium to spend dollars a blue sheet, we be possible to already ULIMITED CHEAP INTERNET.

CHEAP INTERNET connections ~val cards can be quite fast, as far as concerns the region of Jombang, "FREN" has EVDO in the kitchen-yard ever surveyed: Jombang city, Diwek, Blimbing, Cukir, Mojowarno, Peterongan, Mojoagung, Silver, Denanyar, Pond Rice, Mojokrapak, Tembelang , Ploso, etc.. By using the EVDO modem, like as AHA's, owned by Venus VT-80, Surfing PROLINK EVDO and EVDO, EVDO signals aggregate showed up. Max speed EVDO. In the province of Jombang speed of 384 kbps because packets a month of 90 myriad / month. Download speed of around 50 Kb / sec. Speedy with a package similar to the Family 200 myriad. So that we can save 110 multitude for the next month. CHEAP INTERNET union and Unlimited. Suitable for those of us who are excessively fond of downloading songs, applications, and the movie. FREN in addition provides a package even cheaper, Regular Monthly concerning 45 thousand / month with a thrive of 153 kbps, the download of near 25 Kb / sec. 've Authors try and touch the speed is faster than the flexi unlimited daily, weekly or monthly download speeds around 16 kbps.

Prime Card FREN Buddy provides any other advantage for us is that these cards supply free refills for 50% of the repaired prime 8x charging pulse. When we fulfil Birthday 10 thousand, the total beating we get 15 thousand. When we stretch Birthday 100 thousand, the total pulse we get 150 thousand. If we credit to pervert with money 500 thousand then the pulses that we choose get 750 thousand. The bonus is plenty to give us 45 thousand willing UNLIMITED INTERNET for 5 months. If totalized 8x honorarium for filling with the contents of pulses 500 many terms in a row then reached 2 the great body of the people bonus. The bonus can be used the internet on this account that 22 months.

We are from ReeOne Cellullar Beautifulphonenumber prepare ranging from prime card, pulse, up to the modem in opposition to you who like the INTERNET UNLIMITED CHEAP. For the setup we devise help for free. For reservations, please nave. Admin's. Budi Santoso NonStop 24 hours, 0857 3054 7979 IM3, XL 081 939 8888 79, Flexi 0321 8591 363. Or advance in Stores We "ReeOne Cellular" Jl. Cokroningrat No. 10 (West Market PON) Jombang.