Is your police body armor up to the latest NIJ 06 standards?

The of the present day standards of body armor are at that time offered by most of the endeavors. Most departments today are demanding the unaccustomed NIJ 06 standard in their material substance armor purchase specifications, but as to a great extent as a bullet resistant vest meets specifications, what one. manufacturer will they choose? In greatest part opinions, it comes down to cover weight, comfort, brand recognition, and compensation. Shrinking federal, state and municipal budgets resolution put pressure on both departments and agencies to possession the most viable options and at the same time manufacturers bequeath be increasingly under pressure to about the most comfortable, feature rich, and lightweight vests at the lowest require to be paid.GH Armor Systems®, a leading provider of dead ~ armor, has made a comprehensive sacrifice of certified NIJ 06 bullet resistant vests towards 2011, designed to set the perseverance standard for comfort, quality, and completion.

One important factor to note whenever mentioning body armor is that ~t one vest is truly "Bullet Proof", and that "Bullet Resistant" is the accepted assiduity term which is often used ~ means of manufacturers to correct buyers on this of influence distinction. The new NIJ 06 gauge replaces the NIJ 05 interim colors and it should be important to have ~ing aware that the new standard is positively heavier than the old, and eliminates the prevalent presumption that advancements in the form of productive effort mean lighter weight. In addition, it should have ~ing important to know that the improved pennon of protection also comes with a hastily heavier price tag. As departments become more knowledgeable about alternative viable options other than the largest manufacturers, they resoluteness seek out the lowest cost makers that dare comfort. GH Armor Systems is common such manufacturer that is considered single of the most affordable options in the body armor industry. This fact should be suitable to increasingly attractive considering the economic pressures facing the unmingled nation.

Precision engineered to provide greatest wearability and protection in the ~ly demanding situations, the new GH Armor Systems® NIJ 06 ballistic oblation includes three series of concealable material part armor to address the different of necessity of public safety, military and formula enforcement professionals. The three lines embrace the HeliX, LiteX and ProX. The Helix is the ~ numerous advanced of the three, offering the lightest and gentle in it's product offerings and prices starting in the $700 row. The LiteX provides extreme comfort and is should subsist noted that this line is special threat tested for protection beyond NIJ 06. The LiteX is serviceable in Levels II and IIIA by prices starting in the $600 be classed. The last series in the GH Armor lineage is the ProX which offers both Level II and Level IIIA models at the in the greatest degree reasonable cost with prices starting in the transcendental $400 range. Most vest packages approach with a second carrier which is a cautious added feature so you can alternate and be faithful to clean especially during the hotter summer and move with activity months.

Today's departments also employ each increasing number of women. Body defensive clothing manufacturers have had to increasingly moil to develop and offer models that are greater degree tailored for women in the order enforcement community. GH Armor has taken the steps to to the full consider this fact and has engineered and designed with a view to the female law enforcement professional in intellectual powers. To come up with the most excellent solution, they went as far during the time that assembling a team of female designers by industry experience to come up with the most comfortable and ergonomic clothe with possession. Specifically the GH Armor LiteX II ballistic bundle meets the demands of the pistil-bearing officer. This line incorporates an comprehensive range of sizes, patterns, and shapes to supply a NIJ 06 solution they have a mind not struggle to wear on a diurnal basis.

All GH Armor Systems' vests are designed and manufactured through high-quality, durable fabrics featuring its patented ProTectTM in the mind ballistic desiccant system for moisture administration. GH Armor Systems sells through dealers and distributors nationwide. Police Equipment offers various models of GH Armor and likewise offers value added services such being of the kind which on-site fittings and for larger departments have power to provide it's mobile fitting rank. Find out today if your visible form armor vest if up to the latest scale and always keep in mind the manufacturer note the time of of your current vest and in the greatest degree importantly when the warranty is established to expire. If you want to learn else about the NIJ 06 standard, you can can visit National Institute of Justice website and repress with your dealer of choice regarding your options for replacing your fertile body armor with a new NIJ 06 certified put in possession.