Google antitrust pressure increase

Guide speech: the latest issue of the British economist magazine articles, according to print the federal trade commission (FTC) to Google, one official investigation into the company faces increasing constraining force against monopoly. But Google's port. and the 1990 s Microsoft of a actual different nature, so even if the definitive concessions, not too likely to have existence like Microsoft so harsh punishment.

The following is the full text articles:

Extensive investigation

As investors start to worry about Google's spun out-term prospects, lead to the allotment price since steadily fallen at the source of this year. Now, they possess new worries. Google June 24, the FTC command be announced on the company's Internet probe and online advertising business survey, carried thoroughly comprehensive to determine whether the upbraid monopoly position. Some experts predict that the antitrust officials and Google may like the struggle betwixt the 1990 s and they Microsoft viewed like deadly struggle.

The move comes considered in the state of Google sues regulators of development. The congregation is facing the world's largest genial network Facebook threat. Instead of Google, Facebook waiting under the possibility of fulfilment become the main channel of the Internet. Google in June 28, he launched a counterattack without interrupti~ Google +, the one with the Facebook familiar network platform competition.

Google of this work is still in the test phase, but it did have some unblemished function. It can be convenient users to fix independent group, so as to help let a boss see you succeeding the party like drunk. It's video talk lightly and unceremoniously function can accommodate up to 10 canaille at the same time to go along with. But I'm afraid that this was not enough to let people give up Facebook, the latter benefit from strong network effects: the bulk of mankind are using it, because their friends are without ceasing it.

However, Google will have to advance the innovation of the core examination business won the good development, pursue the United States almost two-thirds of the inspect market share, in some other areas of the have a portion of or even higher. The dominant locality also led to the United States and overseas regulators politeness. Last November, the European commission announced on Google's business launched a homogeneous survey.

Business expansion

Google attract the deference and another reason is that it is to a of the present day field for expansion. In silicon dingle, business enterprises to potential investors in the greatest in quantity frequently asked questions is "if Google by you rob business?" Google's share of the new project also polemical. For example, regulators have recently to the assembly purchase online ticket information provider ITA commercial everywhere. Other some travel companies accept opposed the deal, think this elect limit competition. Google's critics offer reasons that this is because Google into over much domain, from video to the localization official function network, so it will through the human manipulations inquiry rank to turn to their official function.

Google admitted each year to categorical to search ranking algorithm to rectify hundreds of times. But the fellowship insists, the aim is to enhance the user experience, for example, banned the offal information and to prevent cheating the theory. Google enterprise Google also like to position out is, the user can adopt at contend with services, including yahoo and Microsoft power of choosing should be. Opponents counter that competition, only Google's name be remembered for the re~on that the verb, it also reflects the cohesive market position. Of course, Google make inquiry engine welcome another possible or as luck may have it because it work better.

Google is not unconquerable. Will increase the United States should have existence is slowly the search market part, and cooperation with Facebook to friendly networking data integration, hoping to improve place of traffic position. This is Google want to be delivered of their own social network of facts for another reason. People also in end channels get more and more of the digital accusation, including professional search engine, and quick mobile phone software applications.

Specific to the netting advertising market, according to Google lampoon allegations of monopoly position as it is arduous to established. And Google no tale to the web site and advertising network is not a few, they besides can absorb the advertising budget. And, from Google to their prompted by emulation cost is low.

Challenge on

But it was enough to act Google escape investigation. The Santa Clara seminary of learning Eric goodman (the Eric's) dare, FTC officials will Google occasionally to public sale his advertising to promote their acknowledge business, the behavior of the examination. Google is insists, the company's this port. has been are transparent.

However, equal if Google eventually forced to frame concessions, about it will face the similar in the 90 s and Microsoft in that after that is ridiculous. Through their own browser power of determination be implanted operating system, Microsoft intentionally restraint the user choice, hoping to give leave to the user to its product invention dependence.

Google also very addictive, end this kind of addiction is chocolate addictive, and not smoking habit. People like Google, but also have power to easily quit. Google's lawyers hold to let the FTC understand the guide differences.