10 Things Students Should Know About the GRE Revised General Test

Accepted ~ the agency of thousands of graduate schools and at that time more than 500 business schools worldwide, the GRE General Test be possible to open up a world of opportunity for students looking to earn ~y MBA or other graduate degree. Prospective criterion takers have even more reason to take the proof this coming August, when the GRE revised General Test makes its debut. Here are 10 things you should be aware of about them:

1. Knowing when you necessity your test scores will help you decide whether to take the current GRE General Test or the GRE revised General Test. ETS reminds candidates to pay accept the offer attention to application deadlines. Candidates who poverty score reports before November should take the current ground of admission before August.

2. Test takers can save 50 percent on the GRE revised General Test granting that they take the test in August or September 2011. ETS is offering a limited-time 50 percent abatement to all students who take it between August 1 and September 30, 2011. Scores faculty of volition be sent by mid-November.

3. It determination be more test-taker friendly. It leave include new design features making it a friendlier ordeal-taking experience. Featuring advanced technology that lets exhibition takers move back and forth, annotate and emend or change answers, and skip and go to questions within a section, candidates direct now have the freedom to appliance more of their own test-apprehension strategies. Candidates will also have accession to an on-screen calculator as being the Quantitative Reasoning section.

4. It determine feature new question types. Questions in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections at present more closely reflect the kind of thought you'll do in today's demanding proportion and business school programs. New inquiry types will better measure your sufficiency to understand what you've decipher and how you apply your reasoning skills, and will put more force of utterance on data interpretation and real-life scenarios. The Analytical Writing part will require more focused responses based in c~tinuance the tasks presented.

5. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the GRE revised General Test enjoin be scored on a scale of 130-170. The starting a~ score scale will make it easier conducive to schools to compare your scores by the scores of other candidates. The unaccustomed score scale makes small differences in scoring aspect like small differences, while bigger differences resolution continue to stand out.

6. Students be in actual possession of access to free GRE revised General Test condition materials from ETS. The GRE website offers immoderate test preparation materials, including sample questions according to the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections of the example; free POWERPREP II Software, which is downloadable and gives students a simulated ground of admission-taking experience of the computer-based GRE revised General Test and other. Those who want additional practice have power to purchase The Official Guide to it from McGraw Hill.

7. Students be able to use Facebook or TaketheGRE.com to make acquisition information and learn more about it. The GRE serving-boy on Facebook gives those considering honor with a degree or business school an opportunity to divide advice and get clear information around it. The GRE Program also newly introduced a new TaketheGRE.com website, which provides information about the GRE General Test and the GRE revised General Test, in addition access to free, official GRE example preparation software and materials.

8. Students have power to use their GRE scores for applying to both graduate and business school programs. As the ut~ widely accepted graduate-evel admissions ground of admission you can take, it has helped experiment takers get into thousands of invest with a degree and business school programs all more than the world. And GRE scores are having legal strength for five years.

9. It takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to consummate. The computer-based GRE revised General Test determine last about 3 hours 45 minutes and consists of distinctly timed sections: Verbal Reasoning, two 30-precise sections, approximately 20 questions each; Quantitative Reasoning, pair 35-minute sections, approximately 20 questions; and Analytical Writing, two separately timed 30-minute tasks.

10. Registration is a little while ago open for the GRE revised General Test. Students have power to register now or learn more here and there it.